WBBZ-TV Supports Musician Medics

WBBZ-TV Supports Musician Medics
WBBZ-TV, Your Hometown MeTV Station was proud to help the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and their “Musician Medics” program – where hometown musicians go into area hospitals and play music for patients and their families to lift their spirits.


A recent event at the Sportsmen’s Tavern with Dwane Hall was produced by Heidi Raphael, creator of “Musician Medics” for the BMHOF, also recognizing the work Richard Sargent has paid forward.


John Di Sciullo auctioned off items to raise money with host Katie Morse from Eyewitness News.


There were so many musicians and supporters of BMHOF. The bands included Vinnie DeRosa & Vitamin D; All Star Jam Band w/Doug Yeomans, Jack Prybylski and more; Buffalo Dolls; Old Friends featuring Greg Hennessey; The Panfil Brothers, French Quarter Horns from Kenmore; Geno McManus and Stone Flower. Some notables in attendance included Howie Greene; Stephen Monaco; Tom Lorentz; Donald Lorentz; Ed Tice; Connie Campanaro; Evangeline Conley from the VA; designer Ann Hackett, and so many more.

Watch for video coming up soon on “Talk Of The Town” this Thursday at 9am & 6:30p.m. ( Sat. 10:30a.m.) on WBBZ-TV


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