“Political Buzz” Goes Inside Buffalo Hearing and Speech, Where Miracles Happen!

“Political Buzz” Goes Inside Buffalo Hearing and Speech, Where Miracles Happen!

The 2012 Census says it costs $18,618 per student – elementary through high school – on average.

As we look at education as it relates to the next edition of "Political Buzz" on WBBZ-TV, if you and your family have a child with special needs – is autistic – or has challenges – then you can easily add tens of thousands of dollars to that annual average…and while that money comes from local – state – and federal sources…help for young people can also come from the philanthropy of business leaders, and everyday people.

It is that kind of help that has kept an institution in Western New York growing and changing for decades to keep up with the needs of our community.

That institution is Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center. One of the largest freestanding hearing, speech, and learning centers in the country.  With a staff of just 17 in 1986- The Center’s website notes that it now employs over 350 professionals

As WBBZ TV joins the Billittier Family and Chef’s Restaurant in supporting one of the great treasures of our hometown- I wanted to share the touching personal stories gathered by our friend Annette Herman at Home Run Creative – because the money spent on these students is definitely making a difference

The President and C-E-O of Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center is Joe Cozzo – He is busy at the facility- so we took our hometown camera downtown to catch up with Joe, to talk about the continuing challenges of helping young people, especially in light of the rise of reported instances of autism – and how technology has helped make miracles happen.  Hear his full interview on "Political Buzz" – Sunday morning at 11am on WBBZ-TV, Your Hometown Television Station.  Channel 67.1 over-the-air; Channel 5 on Time Warner Cable (HD 1230); Dish 5; FiOS 5; DirecTV67.

"Political Buzz" host John Di Sciullo will be joining Sabres legend Danny Gare as an auctioneer at the Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center Gala – Saturday March 1st – starting at 6pm at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo Downtown.  It’s a 60’s themed “Good Vibrations” event complete with music by Nik and the Nice Guys special “Shama Lama” group!  If you would like more information, go to ask bhsc dot org.

Good Vibrations”

Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center Gala

Saturday March 1st

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Music by “Shama Lama”


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