“WKBW Radio’s War of the Worlds, The Legacy Continues” will air again Jan. 1st @ 8pm on WBBZ-TV

“WKBW Radio’s War of the Worlds, The Legacy Continues” will air again Jan. 1st @ 8pm on WBBZ-TV

WKBW Radio’s War of the Worlds, The Legacy Continues

WKBW radio’s 1968 version of H.G Wells “War of the Worlds”, considered the most famous radio broadcast in Buffalo history, will again be the focus this Halloween season with the screening of the documentary “WKBW Radio’s War of the Worlds, The Legacy Continues.”

The production has been re-scheduled to air Sunday night November 10th at 10p.m. on WBBZ-TV, Channel 67.1 on-air; Cable 5; FiOS 5; Dish 5; DirecTV67.

The production reveals the challenges faced by the late Jeff Kaye in creating a radio classic that caused a minor panic in WNY and has been touted as one of the finest re-telling of the H.G Wells sci-fi classic. Interviews done in 1989 with Kaye, Irv Weinstein, Jim Fagan and Dan Kriegler, all involved in the 1968 broadcast on WKBW radio are featured. Also, in the documentary are iconic radio legends Sandy Beach, Dan Neaverth, John Zach, Feldballe, Jim Pastrick, Tom Atkins and 97 Rock’s John Hager.

Actor and Cheektowaga native William Fichtner along with television and film producer Nick Bakay, also from Buffalo, share their memories of the Halloween broadcast. Other familiar radio names in the program are Buffalo Broadcasters Chairmen Emeritus Dave Gillen, Entercom Operations Manager Tim Wenger, 97 Rock Promotions Director Dave Jickster and well-known Blasdell restaurateur Dennis DiPaolo.

In October of 2018 the documentary “WKBW Radio’s War of the Worlds 50 Years Later” was screened at the North Park theater. That production has since been updated with new interviews and footage and is now entitled “WKBW Radio’s War of the Worlds, The Legacy Continues”.

The screening last year at the North Park was a great night for Buffalo radio,” said documentary producer Bob Koshinski. “A full-house at the North Park theater enjoyed the story of Jeff Kaye’s historic broadcast along with the question and answer period afterwards,” said Koshinski. “Aurora Theatre owner Lynn Kinsella was excited about screening an updated version of the production as well as having Hall of Fame broadcasters Sandy Beach and Pat Feldballe in house October 30th with hundreds in attendance.”

51 years after WKBW Radio caused a panic across Western New York and the Eastern Seaboard with the 1968 broadcast of “War of the Worlds” WBBZ-TV is excited to relive those iconic moments and go behind the scenes with the folks who made history that Halloween night in 1968,” said WBBZ-TV VP/GM Chris Musial. “Thanks to Producer Bob Koshinski and All Services WNY our viewers can gather their families around the TV after trick or treating and discover what all the excitement was about on that October night!”

WKBW radio’s 1968 broadcast of H.G Wells sci-fi classic is widely considered the second most famous radio version of the story behind the historic 1938 radio broadcast by Orson Welles.



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