Off Beat Cinema presents “Carnival Rock” Saturday at Midnight!

Off Beat Cinema presents “Carnival Rock” Saturday at Midnight!
Stay up late with hot coffee and cool movies when Buffalo beatniks Zelda, Bird, and Theo Saturday at Midnight!

This Saturday night we take you to a carnival, because we can’t enjoy one any other way!   Catch the Roger Corman classic, “Carnival Rock!”

Carnival Rock is a 1957 film directed by Roger Corman with musical performances by The Platters, David Houston, Bob Luman and His Shadows, and the Blockbusters.

A nightclub owner, Christopher ‘Christy’ Cristakos, falls in love with the club’s singer, Natalie Cook. However, the singer is in love with Stanley, a local businessman/gangster. After the gangster wins control of the club, Cristakos, the previous owner, begins to perform comic routines between the acts at the night club as part of his (Cristakos) plan to win Natalie back. Eventually, the gangster and the singer marry, which causes the previous owner to leave alone.

Watch at Midnight on Channel 67.1 on-air (Cable/FiOS/Dish 5) in Buffalo;  Midnight on WBGT-My18 Rochester; Midnight on WJKP-MyTV Corning; 2am on WYDC-BIG FOX; and 10pm on The Retro Television Network of stations.  More information at
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