Off Beat Cinema presents “Horror of Party Beach” Saturday at Midnight!

Off Beat Cinema presents “Horror of Party Beach” Saturday at Midnight!
Stay up late with hot coffee and cool movies when Buffalo beatniks Zelda, Bird, and Theo Saturday at Midnight!

This week, we head to the beach for the holiday weekend with the first “Monster Musical,” – The Horror of Party Beach from 1964.

he Horror of Party Beach is a 1964 American horror film in the beach party genre, directed and co-produced by Del Tenney. The film, described as “a take-off on beach parties and musicals,” is considered to be one of the worst films of all time.

Near a small East Coast beach town, in broad daylight and a short distance from shore, a boat dumps a 55-gallon metal drum labeled “Danger Radioactive Waste” into the ocean. The drum opens upon reaching the bottom, releasing its contents upon a sunken ship and a nearby human skeleton. The skeleton (but apparently not the transparent, tropical fish swimming by) is transformed by the “radioactive waste” into an aquatic, humanoid monster characterized by bulging eyes, fins, and mouth stuffed with appendages that resemble sausage links. The monster immediately ambulates toward the beach, where a dance party featuring The Del-Aires musical group is in progress.

Watch at Midnight on Channel 67.1 on-air (Cable/FiOS/Dish 5) in Buffalo;  Midnight on WBGT-My18 Rochester; Midnight on WJKP-MyTV Corning; 2am on WYDC-BIG FOX; and 10pm on The Retro Television Network of stations.  More information at
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