Passionate Living with Cat Miller

Passionate Living with Cat Miller

Passionate Living is a half hour  show that inspires viewers to fall in love with their lives. Everyone can lead a more passionate life as it requires no additional income, just a commitment to embrace and explore the joys of life that surround us. Host Cat Miller will explore inspiring topics like the art of the perfect picnic, an ultimate day of adventure with friends and more profound ways to celebrate love in our lives. Meet inspiring individuals who have stepped through fears to live their dreams and used their passions to make a difference in the world. Together we will learn how to cook with new zest, travel on a budget to inspiring places, turn our homes into the perfect staycations and more. Finally, Passionate Living will share insights for greater health through activities, delicious foods and breakthrough modalities.

At a time when viewers are looking for fresh, inspiring shows to offset the challenges of life, Passionate Living is the perfect remedy. Join your hometown WBBZ-TV family Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 11am. For more information see the Passionate Living Website or Facebook Page.

For over three decades, producer and host Cat Miller has earned an impeccable reputation for providing cutting edge information in the field of health and wellness. From the launch of internationally acclaimed Holistic Health Journal to the production of multimedia content that has inspired audiences all over the world, Cat is the perfect host for this new, invigorating television show, Passionate Living.





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